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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Food on the Edge - have you got your tickets yet?

Here's the thing about Food on the Edge: if you are going to be there, in Galway on October 19th and 20, it will be the equivalent of having been at the first MAD symposium. It will gift you the same life-long bragging rights as having sat down at the table at the opening night of Dilisk. You will forever have the same once-in-a-lifetime thrill of hearing Rene Redzepi speak at Litfest.

Theatre of Food 2015 [Video]

Already described as "Ireland's MAD", Theatre of Food just gets bigger and better, and is now a pivotal part of Electric Picnic.

This year huge crowds descended on the tent, for both our demos and our workshops. It was a blast, as this video demonstrates. Roll on EP2016. Though how we're going to top this year, I really don't know. It's worth coming to Electric Picnic, just to see Theatre of Food.

Thanks to all the brilliant people who came and gave it loads, including artists and crew.


10 Holiday Secrets

Many food lovers will be hunting down the culinary hot shots of Ireland as they tour the country on their summer vacations, heading to great new places like Westport's The Idle Wall and Dingle's idas, just two of the hot spots we have covered in previous editions of Megabites.
This time, however, we want to let you in on ten little holiday secrets, lesser-known rooms, from little bakeries to quiet cafés, whose food will delight you. All of them are special, and will make your travels memorable.



The Monsanto Years

Whatever you think about just how Neil Young's new record – The Monsanto Years – figures in his huge catalogue – one of the good ones; one of the not-so-good ones; one of the interesting failures; one of the ones Neil just didn't spend enough time on – there is an important secondary factor to the record that makes it valuable: it is a protest album fair and square, on behalf of agriculture and the culture of farming, and dead against corporate agri-business.

Theatre of Food 2015

The places where people meet to discuss and enjoy food are getting more and more diverse and interesting. The Ballymaloe Lit Fest is a now world-renowned festival of food, and exciting times are ahead this autumn with the launch of Food on the Edge.

One of the most interesting food events, that we've been privileged to be involved in since its inception is Theatre of Food, which, thanks to the draw of Electric Picnic, has always been an event that brings in Ireland's elite food specialists.

Caroline Hennessy travels north to sup at Belfast's ABV Fest 2015

Drive all the way from Cork to Belfast for the inaugural ABV Fest? When the pints are coming from all over Ireland, the UK and Europe, being served in a historic venue and the whole thing has been set up by four energetic craft beer lovers – Felicia Matheson of Prohibition Drinks, Darren Nugent from Pokertree Brewing Company, Boundary Brewing’s Matthew Dick and photographer Michael Kerry – that's a proposition that's hard to resist.


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