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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

The Garden House, review by Eamon Barrett

In the restaurant business, if you're the savvy type, it's not that difficult to talk the talk. You list your suppliers on your menu and your sentences include phrases like 'local' and 'artisan'. The better people actually walk the walk, they care about where their ingredients come from and they have a passion for what they do. But best of all are the people who are living the life they preach - they don't just know where their pork comes from, they have their own pigs. They have hens and they probably grow all their own salad leaves. They know the feel of soil on their fingers.


The #bestsandwichindublin initiative began with Caroline Byrne aka @DublinFoodie's quest to find the tastiest, superlative, crème de la crème BEST SANDWICH IN DUBLIN!! You voted, we listened, we tasted, and the winner of the #bestsandwichindublin in 2013 was Brother Hubbard. In this video, Garrett Fitzgerald of Brother Hubbard tells us precisely how that sandwich is made. And now we're looking for the #bestsandwichinireland.

Meet The Brewer – Grainne Walsh

Grainne Walsh, Metalman Brewery


What inspired you to make beer?
I love beer :-) I think it's a thoroughly under-rated drink, it's often cast aside as the poorer sibling of wine, and under-appreciated in terms of the variety and complexity of flavourings that you can find in beer. What better way to try and fix this than to start making it?

Harry's Saturday Market

A wee while back we suggested that there was a Beer-Bread-Bacon revolution going on in Irish artisan food.

Visit the Saturday morning market at Harry's Restaurant at Bridgend, Donegal, and you can see that we were a wee bit right, and a whole lot wrong. Yes there is beer - thank you, Kinnegar Brewery. Yes, there is bread - thank you Slow Food Co. Yes, there is bacon - thank you Hamilton's Farm.


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