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Foodworks: Review by John McKenna

Peter Greaney is a smashing cook. His food in Foodworks is clean, smart and clever, the work of a chef who has quietly and patiently mastered the art of the restaurateur, who successfully navigated the move from uptown into a big space right in the centre of Kilkenny city, and who now runs one of the great rooms in Kilkenny city.

Cooking in Ballymore Inn [Video]

"I have long wished that The Ballymore Inn was just around the corner from me. Now I have the next best thing". Diana Henry


Chef Georgina O'Sullivan has just published a book of her cooking at The Ballymore Inn in Ballymore Eustace. As you would expect, it is both an authorative text, and an accessible opening up of techniques and recipes. Here, Georgina demonstrates how she cooks Grilled Flatbreads, Sliced Steak with Baba Ghanoush, a recipe that showcases her style.

Eamon Barrett gives thanks for seven years of Campagne

Campagne in Kilkenny seemed to arrive fully formed when it opened in 2008 – in the midst of an international financial collapse – and it’s a measure of the sure-footed vision of Garrett Byrne and Brid Hannon that the room today feels as fresh as it did seven years ago. It’s one of those restaurants I always feel like dressing up a little bit for, not because the service is in the least bit formal or stuffy, but because it’s such a great place to be and I always look forward to going there.

Along The Way, Post Office, Goleen

We need to learn Italian when it comes to protecting our infrastructure, especially in our rural areas.

Take the plight of the rural post offices. Fewer customers. Fewer letters. Reduced revenue. It looks – to a Dublin-based auditor – like a no-brainer: shut up shop. So, let's learn Italian, and get a workable, radical and sustainable solution instead of shutting up shop.

William Barry reckons Delahunt has the lot.

Many people will already know about Delahunt, on Camden Street, Dublin 2.

Their story has been told many times at this stage: the narrative about how the premises has been painstakingly restored into a beautiful dining space, by a plucky restaurateur named Darren Free who bought the building from NAMA.

And you will know already that, in a previous life, the building was a famous old off-licence called Carville’s and, going further back, that the original Delahunt was an opulent food emporium mentioned in James Joyce’s Ulysses.


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