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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Meet The Brewer - Kevin O'Hara, Independent Brewing Company of Ireland

What inspired you to make beer?
I'm been lucky enough to make some great friends, a lot of those
friendships would have been formed or cemented while enjoying a beer
or two. I have always liked "messing" or experimenting and started
making beer at home, playing around with different ingredients and
flavours. For me, nothing beats having a beer with friends and I like
to think that other people can now enjoy my beer whilst relaxing with
their friends and their own special moments.

[2 min Video] Meet the Brewer - Sarah Ruarty

Sarah Roarty is one of those astonishingly dynamic women whom you are going to be hearing a great deal about. Her first step into the public sphere is the brilliant N17 beer, and she has an oatmeal stout on the way. But it is Ms Roarty's holistic approach to beer making that is particularly noteworthy, as she plans to grow shiitake mushrooms and make dog biscuits from the more than 90% of spent produce left behind in brewing. Watch this woman! And watch this introduction to a singular brewer and beer sommelier.


[Restaurant Review] William Barry reviews Shells in Sligo

It amazes me how so many hostelries can make a shambles of a sandwich, or bungle a burger, or destroy a fry.

Thankfully this is never the case in the Shells Seaside Café, in Strandhill, just outside Sligo. Arrive to Shells on a Saturday or Sunday at any time of the year and you may have to queue for a table in this busy destination cafe: it’s worth the wait, however, for the exceptionally good food.

[2 min Video] #bestsandwichinireland - Entrepans, Galway

Our search for the #bestsandwichinireland takes us to Galway, where the Pork Bahn-mi made by Paul and Frank is spoken of in hushed tones in foodie circles as being the #bestsandwichingalway. We went along to their "road truck that doesn't move" in the characterful, quintessentially Galway, traditional yet innovative Bierhaus, Henry Street, in Galway city.


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Galway Food Festival

Here's a fact that might surprise you: Galway used to be a rubbish city for eating.
Seriously. There was a time, and that time was not so long ago, when Galway was a city to be avoided if you wanted to eat well. The benchmark destination for the city wasn't in the city itself: if you wanted food as art, as passion, as creativity, then you got in the car and drove out to Drimcong House, way out past Moycullen, to eat the food of the late, great Gerry Galvin.

Book Reviews

Wholesome: Feed Your Family Well For Less by Caitriona Redmond (Mercier Press €19.99)
Writing in The New Yorker, Jill Lepore describes the discovery by Elizabeth Warren, Harvard law professor, United States Senator and potential Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate, of the reality that, “Financial crisis, for a two-income family, usually means having to live, quite suddenly, on one income. In these straits, families with children tend to totter on the edge of ruin”.


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