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Ursa Minor Bakehouse

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On Ursa Minor’s Facebook page, there is a plaintive, but slightly despairing, and slightly desperate, message.
It asks simply: “Do you deliver doughnuts to Cork?”
We might have written that ourselves. But, if we had, we would have added: “And can you add a bunch of 100%, 24-proofed croissants, and a Guinness and oat sourdough, and a walnut and rye, and half a dozen panelle, and a Dalraida rye.”
The story of Ursa Minor, the story of Dara and Ciara, is dreamlike. You have an idea. You make it happen. Bit by bit, step by step, you progress. You find that people love what you do. You interact with your community. You connect with your fellow professionals as well as your customers. You develop some more. You raise some money, and develop some more. Now you have a smart café and a great bakery. And you have an audience.
It’s like the story of a rock ’n’ roll band.
Except it’s the story of an Irish craft bakery. And whilst the Ursa Minor story is dreamilke, the fact is that it’s real.
Deliciously real.
In 2014, Dara and Ciara delivered four loaves to the pioneering Lost & Found café, in Coleraine. Three short years later, they have a beautiful café in Ballycastle, and a thriving bakery that produces some of the best baking in Ireland. They are key players in the food community that is transfoming the Causeway Coast.
The young people say it best: Ursa Minor is the bomb.

Dara and Ciara O hArtghaile
45 Ann Street, Ballycastle BT5 46AA

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