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It’s not given to many food acts to follow-up one masterpiece with… another masterpiece. But that’s just what Martina and David of Richmount Cordial have done. Difficult second album? Hah!
Renowned for their Elderflower Cordial, they have returned once more to the hedgerows to produce their Elderberry Cordial, and they know their berries just as well as they know their flowers.
The Elderberry can be enjoyed as a hot drink – a toddy without the tipple – but we like to simply add water, in which guise the elderberry is a true tonic for the troops.
New research from the University of Sydney shows that elderberry can inhibit the flu virus, and strengthen the immune system. The berry is antiviral – when it becomes aware of the invading virus, it releases cytokines to tell the immune system to buck up and get rid of those bad guys. They do this in two ways; by protecting the cells, and by stopping the virus propagating. One! Two! Wham! Bam!
This is the extraordinary thing about the foods created by talented people like David and Martina, the people who nurture nature: these foods do us good in all sorts of ways that we can hardly imagine. So, instead of a visit to your GP, just get some Richmount cordial into a glass, and you will feel better, instantly.

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David and Martina Burns
Richmount Cordial Company
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