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Richmount Cordial Company

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David and Martina’s Richmount elderflower cordial has a sibling – an elderberry cordial – and it’s a baby sister that is every bit as fine as the big brother. The elderflower is ethereal, spirited and evenescent, whilst the elderberry is serious, deep-hued and warming. They are the tastes, respectively, of early summer and late summer, spring and fall, light and dark, yin and yang
To say that both the ’flower and the 'berry taste ‘home made’ is to pay them the biggest compliment possible: what David and Martina have managed to do is to capture that essence of summer sunshine that the elderflower incarnates, and then the essence of autumn’s summation, and they have then decanted those essence into two, absurdly handsome bottles. The elderflower is to be drunk cool, whilst the elderberry is to be drunk hot. Pure class.

David and Martina Burns
Richmount Cordial Company
+ 353 87 8316688

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