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Richmount Cordial Company

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The acclaimed American cider maker, Andy Brennan, has written that the aim of agriculture should be to “Make our living with the land, not off the land.”
We can happily say, then, that David and Martina’s acclaimed Richmount Cordials offer us the tastes of the land, because they are made with the land, and not off the land. The purity, directness and integrity of these great cordials – the elderflower and the elderberry – are a defining example of the artisan achievement. They taste of place, and time, and what David and Martina have managed to do is to capture that essence of summer sunshine that the elderflower incarnates, and then the essence of autumn’s summation which the elderberry incarnates, and they have then decanted those essences into two absurdly handsome bottles. They are the tastes, respectively, of early summer and late summer, spring and fall, light and dark, yin and yang. But they are also the tastes of hard work, of time and place, of sweat and satisfaction, of living with the land. When a glass of Richmount slakes your thirst, it slakes every thirst in the human character.

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David and Martina Burns
Richmount Cordial Company
+ 353 87 8316688

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