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North Bound Brewery

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Northbound Brewery 2015

“Contains only water, hops, malt, yeast and knowledge” it says on the handsome label on the handsome bottle of David and Martina Rodgers' Northbound 08 Kolsch Style.
That’s fine, and it’s accurate, as far as it goes. But there’s something missing that could be added to the list.
For example, we could add this: “Contains only water, hops, malt, yeast and knowledge, along with creative brilliance, organoleptic daring, creative ingenuity, historical integrity, and plenty of passion”.
That’s more like it, when it comes to Northbound Brewery.
David Rogers is a Master Brewer, and it shows. The Northbound beers are thoroughbred beer creations, exemplars of the styles of beer they represent: that 08 Kolsch, for instance, is a pitch-perfect drink, so beautifully balanced, refreshing and intriguing that it fair takes your breath away. It’s a masterpiece.
But, then, so is the 26 Pale Ale, the 47 India Pale Ale, the 60 Crystal Amber, the 34 Oak Smoked, the 33 Sticke Alt, the 70 Magum IPA.
Mr Rogers is set fair to be a power in the land, and Northbound Brewery is yet another mighty, and mighty impressive, brick in the wall of Derry’s food and drink renaissance.

55.0348483, -7.1942358
David and Martina Rodgers
+44 7512 198686

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