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Native Seafood & Scran

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  • Seafood and Scran
  • Seafood and Scran

Steáfan and Rebekah McCarry’s journey over the last couple of years has been a wild rollercoaster ride. Followed by another wild rollercoaster ride. And then another.
It wasn’t just pandemics making life hard for this dynamic couple and their crew in Native, because even Poseidon himself got in on the act in November, hammering the seafood café with torrential sea waves. It didn’t matter. Native’s path to glory, and to winning a devoted audience, has been steady and true, and they are recognised today as one of the finest food destinations in Ireland. Steáfan and Rebekah’s brilliance has been to recontextualise the way in which people are offered seafood – put it in a burger; put it in a pitta; make it like a hot dog - whilst at the same time sourcing the best seafood, and then cooking it with a precision and temperament that is second to none. Their secret sauce has been making seafood truly accessible – crab mac’n’cheese; monkfish burger; ling and langoustine fish dog; Greencastle squid in pitta bread with garlic dressing. Native seafood is exactly what we all want to eat, now. Achieving stratospheric levels of sustainability, and allying it with seafood savvy, has made for one of the most inspiring stories of the last few years, and the rollercoaster ride today is the wild riptide of flavours and textures on your plate.

55.1448153, -6.6780356
Steáfan and Rebekah McCarry
The Crescent, Portstewart, BT557AB
07828 127739

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