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Mountain Man Brewing Co

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Mountain Man makes the world a better place. In two ways.
First, Mountain Man beers are deadly. We’d do anything for a Green Bullet or a Hairy Goat, and we’d even walk up to Reenaniree to get a drop of Sneaky Owl.
Secondly, Mountain Man is hilarious.
That’s not snigger, snigger hilarious, by the way.
That’s laugh-out-loud hilarious. That’s barf-your-beer hilarious, as you make the mistake of picking up the bottle to read the label whilst sipping some Green Bullet, only to projectile the precious liquid because, let’s be honest, what you will read on a Mountain Man label is the funniest thing since Arthur Matthews' latest telly series.
Which makes Phil Cullen the Arthur Matthews of Irish craft brewing, we reckon.
Mr Cullen is an unashamed 1%er. While 99% of the population drink rubbish, he is happy to cater for the 1% who want to quaff something quixotic, arresting and delicious, and who want to drink it in bars with names like The Blind Pig, or The Swagman.
Although exiled in North County Cork, Mr Cullen is from Sligo, and morphed a home-brewing habit into Mountain Man, getting his first beers into the marketplace in 2013. He learnt a lot when working in Canada where the micro-brewery revolution was just catching fire. The Bullet, the Goat and the Owl have siblings – the abandoned basterds – who are kept hidden under the stairs before making occasional appearances, like Crazy Horse – a west Coast IPA – and Vincent van Coff, a coffee and vanilla ale.
When he isn’t crafting beers, Mr Cullen plays the fiddle. We don’t doubt he gives a mighty rendition of the partitas of PDQ Bach.


51.900027, -9.166325
Phil Cullen
Renanirree, Cork
+ 353 87 740 3892

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