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Marlagh Lodge

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Robert and Rachel Thompson are formidable people. Because they are naturally introverted and retiring, you simply wouldn’t guess the Herculean determination they possess. They are both musicians by training, yet by instinct they are designers, restorers, architects, cooks, bakers, and providers of epic hospitality. Marlagh Lodge was a Victorian wreck when they took it over and, today, it stands as one of the most perfectly executed labours of love. They have the eye, so every detail pleases with its appositeness, its judgement, its ability to bestow comfort. If you love to see and stay in the results of an heroic restoration project, then Marlagh Lodge is your destination, and it is also th perfect base for exploring the Causeway Coast.
And the same heroic attention to detail is true of Mrs Thompson’s cooking, which is amongst the best country cooking you can eat. If you can’t manage to stay in the house, then do come for lunch or afternoon tea where you will get the chance to see the craft and precision of a truly gifted cook. But if you can get a room, then you will encounter a place of perfect pitch, the well-tempered house if ever it existed, and you will hum an ode to joy.

Robert & Rachel Thompson
71 Moorfields Road, Ballymena, County Antrim
+44 28 2563 1505

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