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Opening Times: 
9am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm Sat

You can get some measure of the way in which Karen Liston's shop is different from others simply by reading what they write about the qualities of their Parmesan cheese:

“La Villa Parmesan is organic and aged for 24 months and a bite into it "takes you on a journey where there is sunshine, hay, mountain air, love, balance, passion".

Now, some others might find the sunshine and hay and mountain air, but they would be left struggling to find the “love, balance, passion.” But in Liston's, that is what you get, along with your lunchtime soup, along with that bottle of wine for the dinner table, along with that catering event that Karen and her team have taken care of. There's a simple term we can use to describe the energy and motivation here: Liston's is vital, a vital address, with a vital air of creativity and intelligence about everything they do. And since they opened their doors way back in 2000, the entire operation has simply grown in confidence and capacity. Liston's is one of the key Dublin city destinations, and it makes your life better in every way: feel the love, the balance, the passion.

Karen Liston
25, 26 Lwr Camden Street, Dublin D2
+ 353 1 4054779

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