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KC & Son & Sons

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Here’s two things about the queue of hungry people at K.C. & Son & Sons. First: the queue of people is forever. It’s always there. Secondly: it’s the nicest queue of people you have ever stood in. Everyone is in great form. It’s a chatty queue – the young woman with her pals queueing behind us, sensing that we were West Cork know-nothings out of our zone, advised us that Douglas regulars order The Bombshell.
We duly did that, and what did we get? A pitta pocket stuffed with crispy chicken, shredded lettuce, mayo, chutney, and a wee bunch of chips. Demon.
So, that’s what fuels their tank in Douglas. What also fuels their tank is the quarter pounder burger, with regular chips.The burgers and fries are bang-on good: excellent dry chips – super-dry, in fact – and good, grassy beef burgers in good buns.
The entertainment isn’t just the lovely food, however. As you eat, you also watch the K. C. queue. Oh, it shortens a bit. Wow! A huge new invasion of hungry folk join the queue! It’s street theatre in Douglas, live and improvised.
Wes Crawford and his family have been here, serving delicious food out of a wee space in Douglas, since 1958. We say give them the Freedom of the City.

Wes Crawford
Douglas Village, Cork, County Cork
+353 21 4361418

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