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Next time you pick up a pot or two of the wonderful soups and relishes made by Deirdre Hilliard and her team at Just Food, in Cobh, let this image flood into your consciousness.
Picture Deirdre in a kayak, in the inner harbour at Cobh, paddling away, surrounded by her three springer spaniels who are swimming alongside her. As close to nature as you can get.
Isn't that a delightful picture? And doesn't it tell you everything you need to know about Ms Hilliard and her company? Because the core philosophy of Just Food is all about getting as close to the goodness of nature as you can, it's about trueness, goodness, deliciousness, found when you open a tumbler of one of their splendid soups or their lovely relishes and sauces.
For a decade now, ever since she first set up a trestle table at the Midleton Farmer's Market and began to sell her organic soups, Ms Hilliard and her team have dedicated themselves to unearthing the sheer goodness of food, creating food that is as close to nature as you can get. They only use organic ingredients, and they cook in small batches to preserve goodness. Can you taste it? You sure can.
In addition to the benchmark soups, they constantly innovate, with new products like their HiLo soups which mainline healthfulness via the avalanche of greens in super greens soup, the lush bean and quinoa soup, and the zesty Thai spiced vegetable soup. Just Foods is an enlightened company who enlighten your life, thanks to their determination to get as close to the source as you can. And when you are tucking into a bowl of that Cuban black bean soup, just think of Deirdre and the dogs, paddling around the harbour at Cobh.

Deirdre Hilliard
Rushbrook Commercial Park, Cobh, County Cork
+ 353 21 481 5516

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