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The Crookhaven Inn

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You could call it finding the Holy Grail. There you are, winding and wending your way through the peninsulas of West Cork, and what is on your mind is the thought that somewhere, somewhere, there is a cosy bar with delicious food and great service, the sort of place that offers not just the tastes of West Cork, but the West Corkness of West Cork. Don't worry, you'll find it. Just head to Crookhaven, pull the car up in front of the Crookhaven Inn, walk in the door, and here it is: cosy, comfy, intimate, with friendly, smart staff and friendly, smart cooking. The Crookhaven Inn, the West Corkness of West Cork, writ large. Mind you, that is the only thing writ large in Emma and Freddy's bar and restaurant. In the past we have used the phrase “low-key magic” to describe what Mr and Mrs Olsson do in the Crookhaven Inn. And in the unchanging, comfortable way of this special inn, the phrase rings louder then ever with each new season: everything is low-key, quietly and confidently executed. They do lovely food, and they don’t make a palaver about it, whether it is their classic crab meat on brown bread – the best you will find – or signature dishes like braised lamb shank with rosemary mash; the great fish soup with aioli; the sea-salty monkfish wrapped in Gubbeen pancetta. Mrs Olsson is one of the very best hostesses, and she sets the magic in the Crookhaven at a comfortable low-key, just the way we – and everyone else – like it best. Call it the West Corkness.
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Emma & Freddy Olsson
Crookhaven, County Cork
+ 353 28 35309

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