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Ballinterry House

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Caroline Hennessy, editor at McKennas’ Guides, summed up her time at Ann O’Sullivan and Michael Garvey’s Ballinterry House with a resort to The 3 R’s: “Renovated; Renewed; and so very Relaxing.”
Well, that will do nicely, won’t it? But it’s no surprise that Ballinterry should win Caroline over, for the house is nothing less than a gem, and it is one of the finest restorations ever visited on a Queen Anne-style house in Ireland. It took Michael and Anne three years of patient, persistent, perfectionist toil to get the house back to its origins, and they have said that their intention was to bring Ballinterry “back to the future.” In fact, Ballinterry seems to us to be a house that exists outside of time, so perfect is the design and the restoration work. Each room is an archetype, given exactly what it needs and exactly no more, and that is why it is so fine a place to stay. Michael and Anne are hard at work restoring the walled garden, and creating walks through the land, so Ballinterry will be getting even better, if that is possible. So, do come and stay in one of the oldest continuously inhabited houses in Ireland, and one of the most perfect houses in Ireland.

Michael Garvey & Ann O’Sullivan
Rathcormac, Fermoy, Co Cork
+353 25 87835

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