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Real Bread Ireland

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Mark the date in your diary, food lovers: on January 24, Real Bread Ireland, a new network of artisan bakers will come together with aim of helping consumers "to identify real bread, to educate, inform and promote real bread and encourage more people to get back into baking."
The bakers behind the initiative are nothing less than Ireland's baking aristocracy – Patrick Ryan from Firehouse Bakery; Joe Fitzmaurice from Riot Rye; Declan Ryan from Arbutus Bakery; Josephine Plettenburg from Spelt Bakers; Kemal Scarpello from Slow Food Co; and Thibault Peigne from Tartine Bakery.
Is such a network necessary, you might ask. The answer is yes. The majority of people actually do not know what real bread is. They eat bread thinking it is a natural, healthy product when, in fact, modern processed bread is unnatural and unhealthy, because it is full of unnatural, unhealthy additives.
In the story Defining Real Bread we have quoted from Bethany Econopouly as she attempts to define what real bread actually is. Real Bread Ireland will take this challenge further, and they know exactly what the challenge is: Real bread is becoming increasingly hard to identify, with so many so-called bakeries popping up and simply heating up part-baked bread. Often this bread is full of additives, and does not conform to the title "bread", made simply with flour, salt, water and time.
So, watch out for the hashtag #RealBreadIreland and be sure to follow @RealBreadIRL on Twitter.

Details of the BiaBeag evening, and the launch

Real Bread Ireland

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