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Bread and Flour Lore

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Leftover Flour ... some ideas:

We got this "recipe" from Jarkko Laine in Finland, who runs - web stuff, all devoted to bread, and worth subscribing to. It goes like this:

  • To use up those almost-out-of-date bags of flour that you bought with good intentions, but have generally left on the shelf, use the following formula.Use 50% strong white bread flour and get creative with the other 50%. That means your rye, barley, gluten free, buckwheat, Einkorn, Teff and wholewheat flours etc are all suitable.
  • Adjust the water - you'll probably need to increase the hydration. Go by feel, and adjust until it feels right before kneading as usual.
  • Add spices and sweeteners, like honey, herbs and spices. Mix it up.
  • Buns or rolls are more forgiving. So if in doubt, make rolls.

More details from Insanely Interested here...

Leftover Bread ... some ideas:

  • Finely grind up dry breadcrumbs and use when you're baking the next loaf, to stop it sticking to the pan.
  • Make fattoush.
  • Cut into croutons, fry in olive oil and use to top scrambled egg.
  • Grate leftover cheese, and crumb leftover bread, mix together and use to top any gratin (you can also freeze the two in a bag).
  • The next time you roast a chicken - make bread sauce!
  • Make a panade (a kind of savoury bread'n'butter'n'onion pudding).
  • Most pasta dishes enjoy a sprinkle of buttered breadcrumbs.

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