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Kevin Sheridan

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Kevin Sheridan is the J.S. Bach of Irish food.
His gifts are the gifts of harmony, of equal-temperament, of complexity. You could trust him to run a company, or a country, or to coach your local GAA squad, and he'd quickly grasp all the nuances, understand the relationships, and hatch an holistic plan. He might win the game, he might not win the game, but he would play it beautifully, whether it was diplomacy, employee involvement, or that tricky match against the Termonfeckin under-14s
He speaks a rare language when he opens his mouth: the language of morals. Listening to him is like hearing a food loving Michael Sandel, the Harvard philosopher – crisp sentences, deep background and, above all, a moral vision. He believes in better, and betterment.
He established Sheridan's Cheesemongers with his brother whilst still absurdly young – he was 21, not long out of college where he was an art student – and for the past two decades he has guided the company, developed the company, and done it all in the most sympathetic way. He trades in synergies and networks, and he manages this because of his sense of harmony, of not ruffling feathers, a remarkable achievement when you consider that he is a very political animal.
Yet he can navigate committees, councils, politicians, suppliers, all with that calm, moral tone. He could – and should – be Minister for Agriculture, because he understands the culture of the land, he understands the temperament of food producers. But modern agriculture and politics are devoid of a moral sense, so he wouldn't belong there. He's beter off doing what he does best, making things better, creating betterment.

Virginia Road Station, Pottlereagh, Kells, County Meath
+ 353 46 9245110

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