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Where To Eat and Stay in Cork City

All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Cork city has changed in the last decade. In this regard, it’s like every other Irish city, altered first by an economic boom, followed by the fallout of an economic collapse.
Yet the changes in Cork city have’t altered the fabric of life in the way other Irish cities have been changed. Cork rolls with the changes, rather than being rolled over by them, so the verities of Cork life – being witty, being modest, enjoying oneself, appreciating good food – are just the same today as they were in 2006, or 1996, or 1966.
Cork’s sense of continuum is deep-rooted. It’s not that they aren’t affected by things they way other places are: it’s just that their response is one of nonchalance. Cork folk can seem naive but, in fact, they are wise inasmuch as they are hard to impress. It is this quality that drives their northerly Dublin neighbours insane: Dubs want to believe that they have the latest thing but, you know, Cork folk have seen that already, thanks very much.
And so, with their food and their places to eat and their restaurants and bars, they are grateful and they will enjoy themselves, but they aren’t going to go into a swoon about it. Sure, it’s their birthright, isn’t it: everyone eats well in Cork.

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Featured Places in Cork City

Crawford Gallery, Emmet Place, Cork
City Quarter, Lapps Quay, Cork
The English Market, Cork
Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork
No. 5 Fenns Quay, Sheares Street Centre, Cork
Phoenix Street, Cork, Co Cork.

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