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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Zamora is the sort of place every city needs. Lucky for Cork, it resides in Academy Street.

If the modern mantra dictates that a new restaurant shall be managed by young men with haircuts from Barnets & Beards, who wear braces, and who work in a room whose walls are bare naked, then Cork's Zamora pushes the buttons.
It's right on trend: stripped-back aesthetic, fallen-from-the-skies design and decor and arrangement, one-pager menu; hip-hot wine selection and, of course, beards, barnets and braces.


Certain things improve the quality of urban life immeasurably. Good buskers. Good parks. Street artists. Intelligent signage. And KC Peaches.
KCP gives Dublin two of the most happening rooms in the city, places that summon the zeitgeist of Dublin 2013. And now, with the new KC Peaches Dame Street, Dubliners and visitors get a third bite of one of the town’s best spaces.

Garlic leavened Semolina Flatbread

Semolina Flatbread

Ballymore Organics Semolina Garlic-Leavened Flatbreads

Adapted from a recipe by Paula Wolfert.

Garlic Leavening

Two days before making the flatbreads place 100g semolina flour and 95ml water in a jar and mix to form a dough. Stud this dough with four peeled cloves of garlic, and leave in a warm place for 24 hours, after which time the dough should begin to swell. Remove the dough from the jar, and fold it over itself, leaving the garlic in the mix. Leave overnight to swell again.

Megabites Awards - Artisans, Drinks and Delicious Things

The Turkish eggs in Cloudpicker, on Dublin’s Pearse Street, showed that Peter and Frank could pull eye-wiping deliciousness out of one of the capital’s tiniest rooms. A little closer to the centre of town, Eoin Cluskey’s Bread 41 showed a baker – and an entire team – at the top of their game, and the cruffins were beyond good. For the perfect Reuben, and the perfect banh mi, then Sonny’s Deli of Cork showed the art of the sandwich at its zenith.

Megabites Awards - Restaurants, Cafes, Delis, Pubs

Danny Africano’s Lignum, with Eurotoques young chef of the year Grainne Mullins working alongside the boss in the kitchen, simply blew away everyone lucky enough to make it to this suave room outside little Loughrea, and it is the Restaurant of the Year. Up in Downings, Tony Davidson’s Fisk offered virtuosic seafood cooking, and gave food lovers the Best Experience of the year.

Food of the Edge and the Twin Eurekas

Here’s the paradox of Food on the Edge:
Listening to a bunch of international chefs talking on a stage sounds like the most impractical way to understand the state of contemporary culinary arts.
And yet, FOTE is the most practical education any aspiring, dynamic chef can get, without going and working a three month stage someplace.
It happens because of the Twin Eurekas.


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