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In My Mug with 3FE Coffee

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Colin Harmon makes everyone's life better, one cup of coffee at a time. “Make nice coffee, be nice to people, see them come back” is his modus operandi, and it works. In 3FE and in his job distributing coffee to others and teaching coffee classes, he makes the world a better place. But, you say, Colin and his team are mainly in Dublin, so how can I get my life improved if, let's say, I live in West Cork.
Easy. Sign up for the 3FE/Hasbean In My Mug offer and each week you will get a 250g bag of a new coffee selected by Steve Leighton of Hasbean. You will also be able to see Steve talking about the latest batch on a video: Get the background, grind the beans, ascend to (coffee) heaven.
The coffee comes in smart, colourful packs, straight to your door. We are currently enjoying Finca Coroico Montano, from Bolivia. It's wicked.
One cup at a time. That's how to make life better.

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