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Vaughan Lodge

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Open Apr-Oct

Michael Vaughan is a dynamo, with energy levels that makes him seem ever youthful. A decade on from the day when they opened the doors of Vaughan Lodge, and Mr Vaughan has a volubility that would put a 20-year-old to shame. He is in thrall to the business, the business of running a great hotel, the business of serving great food. His secret is that Mr Vaughan is always looking ahead. There is a story we like, about a meeting with some of the west coast guys to talk about future tourism developments. At the meeting Michael Vaughan talked about and later wrote about the idea of marketing the West Coast as an entity, as a coherent, inclusive destination, and he reckoned it might be called The Atlantic Way. Just another one of his good ideas. Vaughan Lodge is one of the defining destinations on the WAW.

Michael & Maria Vaughan
Lahinch, County Clare
+ 353 65 708 1111

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