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Olive Delicatessen and Cafe

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There is a certain something that a creative person aims for when they are working. If you write a book, for instance, you want the book to “feel” right, to have the right shape and heft and character. If you can get that, then you've got something good. Intangible, and maybe hard to express, but good. Very good.

If you work with food, then what you are trying to achieve in striving for this “feel” is to express the nature of the food you are making. It doesn't matter if it's just a cup of coffee, or if it's your pulled jerk pork with baby spinach leaves and house slaw crammed into a warm ciabatta. What you are trying to do is to deliver all the goodness of the food, its comfort and consolation, its energy and invigoration. That's what we mean by feeding people.

In Skerries' iconic Olive Café and Olive Deli, Deirdre and Peter feed people. They don't just make food for their customers, they feed their customers. They give them all the goodness of food and sharing food and enjoying food, and that's why this café and deli is the champion of Skerries, and that's why it keeps getting bigger, and better.

In 2013 they created the Olive Deli, and made the Olive Café into a drop-dead-gorgeous space - sit down in here and you don't want to leave. The success of the design shows the meticulous nature of this pair, as they craft every detail of every element of this dynamic business, from the quality of the coffee to the jerk seasoning of the pork to the tiles on the floor and the tiles on the walls. Everything is curated with the fanatical eye of the creative person who wants to grasp the intangible magic of food, and then put it on a plate for you.

86 Strand Street, Skerries, County Dublin.
+353 1 849 0310
Deirdre and Peter Dorrity

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