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Mary Pawle Wines

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For some people, the 60’s never ended. Mary Pawle, of Mary Pawle wines, is one of those people.
What we mean is not that Ms Pawle is time-locked a few decades back. We mean, instead, that she has simply hung on to her optimism, her belief in good things – like the best organic wines made by the best organic winemakers – her belief in improvement, progress, fairness, equality, and humour. She has kept her sense of humour, and her sense of proportion. The hippies, we are now realising, were right in so many of the beliefs they espoused. Ms Pawle has always known that.
Her practical way of making the world a better place has been in seeking out, hunting down, and bringing back home, the finest organically and bio-dynamically produced wines she could find. Like their creators, and their Irish representative, the wines are charming, understated, quixotic, inspiring and feisty, unified by a search for authenticity and integrity. But then, isn’t authenticity and integrity what everyone was searching for, back in the 60’s, before the pall of money cast a cloud on our public culture. Whatever about the clouds covering our culture, everytime you open a bottle from Ms Pawle’s list, the sun breaks through.

Mary Pawle
Gortamullen, Kenmare, County Kerry
+ 353 64 6641443

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