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101 Talbot

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On a recent visit to 101 Talbot, Connie McKenna was blown away by a dish of Moroccan lamb tagine. But it wasn't just the flavourful tagine that was so impressive. What was just as fine was the couscous, with its dice of tiny vegetables running through the perfectly cooked grains.
That attention to detail is Neal Magee's secret, and it is the thing that lifts his cooking into the memorable, into the definitive. He has an artists touch with seasoning and shaping, so the food is always attractively plated, whilst Mr Magee's style always tends towards comfort – a dish of venison chilli with sour cream and basmati rice has a hot of heat, but the cream and rice cool the fire. The room itself is an ageless Dublin classic, and walking up the stairs is always tinged with expectation and promise, a promise that the staff and the cooking over-deliver on, every time.

101 Talbot Street, Dublin 1.
+353 1 874 5011
Neal and Jenny Magee

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