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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Cafe, Shop and Coffee Shop of the Year

Cafe of the Year - The Farmhouse Cafe
The Farmhouse Café is on the Longmile Road, in Dublin. If that sounds surreal, it is. There are no farms on the Longmile Road. There are no houses. There are car dealerships, trade-only outlets, big box shops, petrol stations, and lots and lots of traffic. And, mercifully, there is Susan O’Sullivan’s inspired Farmhouse Café, with its inspiring cooking. You couldn’t make it up, but we’re sure glad Ms O’Sullivan did.

Hang Dai - A daring new departure for Dublin dining

Funny how things work out.
Back in 2013, when he was putting the whumpf! into the food that made Fade Street Social the hottest ticket in town, Karl Whelan told The Irish Times that, whenever he got his own name over the door, it would be “a barbecue and blues joint”, a reflection of the fact that he is a major music head, and loves the heritage cooking of the American South.
Between 2013, and today, Mr Whelan moved on to Luna, where he put the whumpf! into the food that made John Farrell’s restaurant the talk of 2015.

Editor's Choice 2016 - Leslie Williams

Thinking back over a year of eating and drinking for a living to pick out the best bits is a daunting task, so I'll try to keep this short and free from excessive hubris!

Best meal of the year was at Heron and Grey where the balance of flavours and focused ingredient combinations left me almost breathless. Andrew Heron's wine list is in perfect harmony with Damian Grey's food and, if you are lucky enough to get a booking in 2017, do listen to Andrew's advice.

Christmas Beers

You know that your favourite Irish craft brewer really loves you when they produce a special brew for the season that is in it. Here are some seasonal standouts that should be there beside the big bird on the Xmas table.

Books of the Year

Dandelion & Quince
Masterpieces are very, very difficult to make. Happily, however, they are very, very easy to spot. You only need to read a few sentences of Dandelion & Quince, by Michelle McKenzie, to spot that you have a masterpiece in your hands. It’s a work of culinary poetry, rapturous and enraptured. It’s actually thrilling, and who the hell ever heard of a book of recipes being thrilling.

Dandelion and Quince by Michelle McKenzie, published by Roost Books


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