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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Amsterdam, two cooks and their quest for street food. By Kevin O'Toole

Okay, the formalities. Shamzuri is a kickass Malaysian chef, cooking from his own restaurant, The Cottage in Leitrim, he cooks Modern European cuisine, with a nod to his homeland. Kevin (that's me), well, I'm Irish, a Dub that cooks South East Asian, quite a bit of Indonesian from my place The Chameleon in Temple Bar and we are mates
We had to talk some serious bullshit to convince our wives into letting us visit Amsterdam to investigate its street food scene, or whether or not it even has one.

Food on The Edge [Video] Jp McMahon

JP Mahon is Symposium Director for Food on the Edge, an international chef’s and food professionals symposium taking place in Galway on the 19th and 20th October 2015

Food on the Edge will bring world-renowned chefs to Galway including Albert Adriá of Spain, Daniel Patterson of the USA, Jair Tellez of Mexico, Andre Chiang of Singapore, Mark Best of Australia and Tom Aikens of the United Kingdom.

Food on the edge is a coming together of the world’s best chefs, in order to talk, listen, debate and learn from one another in order to create a better food experience worldwide.

The Greenhouse - Eamon Barrett unpicks the culinary narrative of Mickael Viljanen's cooking

For a number of years our annual staycation around Ireland was anchored by one unchangeable element - a visit to Gregans Castle hotel in Clare. The hotel was - and continues to be - a beacon of excellent hospitality and superb attention to detail, and a high point was always the amazing cooking of Mickael Viljanen. With Mickael's departure to Dublin in 2012, David Hurley took up the reins in the kitchen of Gregans, and return visits have shown his cooking to be at least the equal of Mickael's.

Gill Carroll is rewriting the book in 37 West, Galway

If you walked Sally, PJ and John McKenna into a restaurant and handed them the menu, you could lay a bet that the three things they would never order would be a chicken melt, a burger, and chicken skewers.
Yet there the three of them are, in Gill Carroll's 37 West in Galway, and they have just ordered the chicken melt with jalapeños, the caveman burger, and the chicken skewers with peppers and onions.

Sharon Noonan applauds the sourcing in The Strand Hotel, Limerick

Whoever said you should never work with animals never got the attention of Tom Flavin.  The executive chef of Limerick's Strand Hotel, together with his white welly boot clad team, stars alongside a host of different animals in the hotel’s own movie, “Limerick Strand Our Food Story.”

For nearly 4 minutes Tom’s dulcet tones provide a relaxing voiceover to scenes shot within a 20 mile radius of Limerick city, as the group visits suppliers of ingredients that feature on the menu at the Strand Hotel.  

Our video is selected for screening at the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival

We're delighted that our documentary short film Feeding The Hungry Hills has been selected for screening in the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival. They have even given us a laurel for our film poster. So we thought we'd better design a film poster. You can see the film in the Adelphi Cinema, Village Hall, Schull on Saturday 23rd May at 10am.

It's just another excuse to go to this fabulous film festival where the whole town becomes a cinema. More details here.



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