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All the best places to eat, shop and stay in Ireland. A local guide to local places.

Rene Redzepi in his own words at the Ballymaloe Lit Fest

Taken from Rene Redzepi's interview with John McKenna, and foraging walk with Alys Fowler at the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Lit Fest, 2014.

On Ireland...
The Irish are their own people in a kitchen. They really stand out.

On sweet cicely…
Blend with broth or candy the seed heads.

On being a cook…
I was never meant to be a cook. I came from a Muslim household where women cook.

On burdock…
Eat the roots and shoots – battered.

Loop Head - An Extract from Where to Eat and Stay on the Wild Atlantic Way

Sunday, June 22nd, sees the Taste of the Loop at The Bandstand on Kilkee Beach, when the dynamic Loop Head Food Circle invites visitors to celebrate the refurbishment of Kilkee bandstand.

Loop Head is one hell of a place to enjoy a holiday, with great places to stay and great cooking. Here is an excerpt from Where To Eat and Stay on the Wild Atlantic Way, describing the various places on the Loop:

Mortell's Delicatessen and Seafood Restaurant [Review]

When did it happen that the fine old words of catering – monger, patissier, confectioner – got replaced with words like ambient, part-baked or food service? Thank goodness some sense prevails in institutions like Mortell’s of Limerick, but I’m finding it difficult to think of another café anywhere that, if you order a ham sandwich, they give you their own baked ham, their own coleslaw – made with their own mayonnaise, on their own home baked soft white yeast loaf. Can you imagine how delicious that tastes?

The Little Milk Company [Video]

The secret of organic milk lies in the grass, its quality, its diversity, its deliciousness. Conventional farming uses chemical aids to grow grass, but the organic system concentrates more on feeding the soil, thereby creating pastures that are diverse, and deep-rooted. Organics allows for more biodiversity in what grows in the field - organic farmers actually prefer their grassland to be full of clover and other plants, because they know it makes the milk from the cows grazing on the pastures taste better.

Renvyle House [Recommendation]

John McKenna visited Renvyle House

Renvyle House Hotel has entered a second century of service with two of the great masters of Irish hospitality – Ronnie and Tim – guiding the helm.

In 2013, Renvyle House Hotel celebrated 130 years as an hotel. Consider, for a moment, what Ireland was like in 1883. Consider what Ireland was like when W.B. Yeats spent his honeymoon here, or when Black’s Guide noted, in 1912, that a week’s residence in Renvyle cost £3, in a fine house that was “most homely and comfortable”.

Digital Publishing from McKennas' Guides

Digital publishing from McKennas’ Guides continues apace. We have just launched version 1.1 of our 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland 2014. Those of you who purchased it can download the new version free from the App Store. We have fixed a number of issues that bugged us in version 1, particularly the Facebook links, which now link directly to the establishment's page on Facebook, and the same on Twitter. We’ve also optimised the images to reduce the size of the app, and we’ve been able to correct some minor text isses and contact details.

Meet The Brewer - Kevin O'Hara, Independent Brewing Company of Ireland

What inspired you to make beer?
I'm been lucky enough to make some great friends, a lot of those
friendships would have been formed or cemented while enjoying a beer
or two. I have always liked "messing" or experimenting and started
making beer at home, playing around with different ingredients and
flavours. For me, nothing beats having a beer with friends and I like
to think that other people can now enjoy my beer whilst relaxing with
their friends and their own special moments.

[2 min Video] Meet the Brewer - Sarah Ruarty

Sarah Roarty is one of those astonishingly dynamic women whom you are going to be hearing a great deal about. Her first step into the public sphere is the brilliant N17 beer, and she has an oatmeal stout on the way. But it is Ms Roarty's holistic approach to beer making that is particularly noteworthy, as she plans to grow shiitake mushrooms and make dog biscuits from the more than 90% of spent produce left behind in brewing. Watch this woman! And watch this introduction to a singular brewer and beer sommelier.



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