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Electric Picnic Recipe #LinaGautamChilliDogs

Frankfuters Chilli

2 packets of Frankfuters diagonally cut
3 tbsp mustard or vegetable oil
1 tbls peeled and finely chopped ginger
1 tbls peeled and finely chopped or crushed garlic
2 small red onion cut into chunks
2 fresh tomatoes deseeded and cut into chunks
1 green or yellow pepper cut into chunks
2-3 fresh chilli chopped diagonally (add chilli powder to add more heat to the dish)
salt to your taste
½ tsp  ground Szechwan pepper
1-2 tbsp of light soya sauce
handful of chopped fresh coriander

Electric Picnic Recipe #ChameleonCurry

Kevin O'Toole's Javanese goat curry

1.    1kg of goat meat, shoulder meat, boneless, cut into 1-2 inch chunks.
2.    200g Javanese curry paste.
3.    200g passata.
4.    600ml coconut milk.
5.    200ml water.
6.    3 pandang leaves, tied in a knot (available from Asia markets)
7.    Salt and cracked black pepper.
8.    Sweet potato, peeled and cut into even sized chunks.

Electric Picnic Recipe #KevinPykeCheekyMonkey

CHEEKY MONKEY! From our StreetFood menu! Monkfish cheeks, WhiteOaks pickled beets, potatoes, Chimichurri sauce.

small bunch parsley, roughly chopped
small bunch coriander
½ tsp oregano, fresh or dried
2 garlic cloves
1 shallot, chopped
½ tsp chilli flakes
2½ tbsp olive oil
juice ½ lemon
2 tsp red wine vinegar

Pickling liquor:
200m of water
200m of white wine vinegar
100g of sugar
Bay leaf
Garlic clove
Zest of orange
Peppercorn/coriander seed

Electric Picnic Recipe #KinaraKitchenMaharahni

40mls Beefeater 24 gin
20mls fresh lemon juice
20mls cardamom syrup
2 dashes of homemade cardamom tincture
10mls Luxardo Chilli Sambuca

Method:- pour everything except the Sambuca into a cocktail shaker without ice. Add ice to a brandy balloon and swirl to chill. Add ice to shaker when ready to shake and shake vigorously. Add the sambuca to the chilled balloon glass and ice and swirl again. Fine strain through a tea strainer to catch any shards of ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Electric Picnic Recipe #DivaPoundCake

Diva Pound Cake

1lb butter
1lb sugar
1lb eggs (about 8-9)
1lb flour

Beat the sugar and butter together until the mixture is pale white in colour and light in texture (this takes about 10 minutes). This is essential for the ultimate lightness of the cake. Beat the eggs, one at a time, and finally fold in the flour. Don't overbeat the flour – fold until it is just incorporated.


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