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Eamon Barrett catches the Momo wave in Waterford city, and surfs home on a tide of delicious cooking

47 Patrick Street in Waterford has seen quite a few restaurant iterations over the past three years, and it’s a challenge for any restaurateur to take over a space occupied previously by someone who was doing completely different food to what you might have in mind.
I almost made the mistake of leaving Momo on the long finger, waiting to see would it last, but when I heard encouraging noises from a few different sources I decided it was time to pay a visit.

Piggy Co-Op by Gubbeen is a great option for local farmers writes William Barry

Fingal Ferguson of the Gubbeen Smokehouse, near Schull in West Cork, has encountered the perennial problem of not being able to source enough high quality pork to meet the ever-growing demand for his range of bacon, sausages and charcuterie. Gubbeen Farm itself is limited in the number of animals they can rear, and the opening of their expanded smokehouse has made it necessary to buy in pork from other local farmers.

The Stonecutter's Kitchen is a busy kitchen that makes visitors to the Burren welcome.

We call it The Blink Moment. It's that mili-second when you walk into a place and the immediate reaction of the staff determines whether you will stay or leave, whether you will have a good time, or not.
In Stonecutter's Kitchen, on the hill above Doolin village in west County Clare, they have The Blink Moment down to a fine art. They need to, because this is a busy restaurant and so, when people turn up and walk in, the chances are there won't be a vacant table.

La Cote is a very good addition to Wexford dining, writes Eamon Barrett

Paul Hynes is a journeyman. Stints at L’Ecrivain, La Dolce Vita, Horetown House and Step House in Borris – with stages in Arbutus and Tom Aikens in London thrown in for good measure - have led him back to Wexford Town to take charge of his own restaurant on Custom Quay. La Côte is a lovely low-key room which looks out to the town’s fleet of mussel trawlers moored along the quayside. The look is rustic and appropriately nautical and, like every Wexford restaurant I’ve ever eaten in, service is exceptionally friendly.

Monty's of Katmandu by Leslie Williams

Montys of Kathmandu has become a Dublin institution since it was opened by Shiva Gautam and his wife Lina in 1997.  It seemed to take just months before it felt like it had always been there.

The cuisine of Nepal is closely related to Northern India but there are also Chinese and Tibetan influences with lots of stir fry, Sichuan peppers and even soy sauce.  Flavours are cleaner and fresher than in most of India and spicier than in China, but it is the lightness of touch in the Monty’s cooking that I think I like most.


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